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With the innovative U-Roast roasting machine, your store transforms into the ultimate speciality coffee destination! You simply choose the bean (blend or estate coffee) from a wide range of choices as well as one of ten different roasting profiles depending on what flavor you are looking for, and the roasting machine automatically gives you the result you want. Always perfect, even roasting.


U-Roast Micro Roaster. The new concept of the 3rd wave coffee!


  • Fully automated
  • Ten (10) different roasting profiles
  • Wide variety of U-Roast coffee beans
  • No need for special permission
  • Easy placement
U-Roast Micro Roaster

Whom we adress to

We adress to those of you who want to be an active part of the production process, to be able to choose the kind of bean that you want to roast and the roast profile based on the result of the cup you want to achieve. In other words, to those of you that want to be difference!

What effect will it have to my business?

Placing the U-Roast Micro Roaster at your location will allow your customers to be present on the roasting process of your coffee, observing and smelling the unique aroma of the coffee beans. This will bring a special character to your location and your brand. The customers will feel satisfaction as they will know that what they drink is a fresh, artisan coffee made by you! Let them see that you are a real coffee specialist!

What other benefits will i have from the Micro Roaster?

You will control the production and you will choose the raw materials by yourself! Moreover, you will have the opportunity to increase your revenue by selling your freshly roasted coffee to customers or other retail companies (packaged in 100g or 200g bags).

How does it work?


Coffee Roast step 1
beans icon

Choose your coffee.


Coffee Roast step 2

Choose your programme.


Coffee Roast step 3

Pour in coffee beans.


Coffee Roast step 4
Micro Roaster

Pull drawer to release beans.


Coffee Roast step 5

Roast for 20 minutes.


Coffee Roast step 6

Lift handle to release beans.


The presence of the Micro Roaster at your coffee shop will transform it into a coffee tasting center.

The Micro Roaster comes with an elegant stand which is easily combined with all kinds of decoration and can be adapted in such way in order to meet the unique needs of your business.

The visitor will not only have the chance to smell the freshly roasted coffee but will also notice the presence of the Micro Roaster machine, wanting to learn more about it and taste its results. The upgraded presence of the machine offers an interesting interaction with the clients, maximizing the benefits for your business.

What is more, your brand will be benefited by the promotion actions of U-Roast Μicro Roast in all medias.