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How does the U-Roast Micro Roaster work?

Choose the coffee you want to roast and the desired roasting profile. The Micro Roaster will be pre-heated and when it reach the right temperature a warning sound will notify you to release the beans and start roasting. After aproximately 25-27’ another warning sound will let you know that roasting is finished and the coffee is cold (the U-Roast Micro Roaster cools the coffee inside the drum).

Do i need to have knowledge on coffee roasting?

Only certain basic knowledge that will be provided to you by U-Roast.

Can i roast any coffee variety i want?

You can choose from any variety of green coffee beans that we provide you with.

How much does the roasting process last?

It depends on the selected profile but most of the times it will take 20 minutes for a 2kg batch of coffee to be roasted!

Can i roast every day?

If you wish to do so! There is no limitation on the roasting days and hours.

How many different roast profiles are there?

You can select between 10 different profiles depending on the roast level you wish to have.

Do i need to obtain any special permision to install and use the machine in my location?

No. The Micro Roaster machine does not require propane in order to funtion, its engine force is lower than 37kw and its thermal force is lower than 70kw.

Do i have to buy the machine?

No! We provide it to you with a flexible lending program.

What effect will it have to my business?

Placing the U-Roast Micro Roaster at your location will allow your customers to be present on the roasting process of your coffee, observing and smelling the unique aroma of the coffee beans. This will bring a special character to your location and your brand. The customers will feel satisfaction as they will know that what they drink is a fresh, artisan coffee made by you! Let them see that you are a real coffee specialist!

What other benefits will i have from the Micro Roaster?

You will control the production and you will choose the raw materials by yourself! Moreover, you will have the opportunity to increase your revenue by selling your freshly roasted coffee to customers or other retail companies (packaged in 100g or 200g bags).

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