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ROSTINS is a new, Greek company that operates in the coffee business by providing innovative solutions that help companies to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive environment of the coffee industry.


U-Roast, an international company based in Scotland, is where the innovative roasting machine is constructed, upgrating the level of experience that a 3rd wave coffee shop can offer.


At the same time, we import top quality green coffee beans using blends and origins from 4 different continents and 8 different countries. The beans arrive in 2kg kraft bags with degassing valve. This way we ensure proper storage conditions – a critical factor for the quality of the final coffee cup. However, the benefit is not only on flavor but we also save space and money, as we don’t use the traditional way of transportation and storage -in 60kg bags- which would force you to stock the green coffee for a longer period of time in order to create your own house blend.

About Us

When it comes to quality, you want it to be artisan!

Coffee consumption around the world is changing. In an increasingly competitive environment, coffee brands often ask the question:

Ιf everyone sells top-quality coffee, how do we differentiate ourselves?

The answer?

In-House Coffee Roasting!

The U-Roast Micro Roaster roasts 2kg per cycle, enabling you to roast your own artisan coffee directly on your bar counter; fresh coffee at your location! The Micro Roaster is easy to use and will require only a little of your valuable time!

The secret of the great taste hides in
the combination of exceptional ingredients!


green coffee beans



We collaborate with sustainable farms.


coffee beans



Perfect, even roast every time!




Rich taste and unique scent!

In House Coffee Roasting

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